Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Judgement of a Blog-Writer

I remember once, a long time ago when I first began writing blogs. Someone said to me, "For you to write blogs like that, you must have too much time on your hands, and you must think too much about stuff, which means that the smallest things get to you, and get to you in a way it plays on your mind for a while". I don't know why, but that comment stung me, and remained in my mind til this day.

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Looking on Myspace, I see HUNDREDS of blog writers. I am subscribed to some of the best writers I've ever seen, and they display their writing for free, here on Myspace. I do often say to myself "How can that person write so many blogs so frequently? Don't they have a life outside of Myspace?".

But I just wonder how true is the statement that person said to me.

As a blog writer, do you believe you think too much about stuff and should lighten up a little? Do you have too much time to spare and see blogging as a great way to use up time?

As a reader, do you think people who write blogs spend way too much time thinking? Do you think they should use their time on something else that could help save the world instead of writing about it?

Do you think by me writing this blog, I have thought too deeply about it? Lol :-)

Your thoughts please....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Til Death do you Part?

I honestly couldn't believe this as I was reading the story on Yahoo news a couple weeks ago, but a politician in Bovaria (a person standing for the leadership of Bovaria's Christian Social Union - yea you heard it peeps, a so-called Christian) has began a campaign to get marriages to expire after 7 years due to the well known "7 year itch".

Her argument is that it will reduce the divorce rate, and it will release pressure the thought of life-long marriage may give to people - which causes depression and stress upon a family.

The likely-hood of this politician winning her bid for the expiry date on marriage is little to none, but I want to know what you think of it. Do you think that being she is a Christian, she is totally going against what Christian values are? Would you feel that your marriage meant as much with an expiry date attatched to it? Do you agree with the whole idea of this expiry date?

Your thoughts please........